Congressman Lynch reiterates safety concerns after MI compressor fire

Congressman Lynch has been voicing his concern about the compressor station for many years now, and is reiterating his concern after a fire at a compressor station in Michigan reduced natural gas service to homes nearby during a cold snap.

We know that these compressor stations do not belong on the planet, let alone in a highly populated area like the Basin. Even Enbridge calls us a High Consequence Area (HCA). They recognize that when they have an accident, it will take many lives and billions of dollars worth of industry and property.

We thank Congressman Lynch for continuing to speak out and for taking action against the compressor (he recently requested a public meeting with PHMSA).

The Patriot Ledger - Congressman Lynch: Weymouth compressor concerns demonstrated by Michigan fire

Excerpt: "Congressman Stephen Lynch said a fire at a Michigan natural gas compressor station amid bitterly cold weather expresses the safety concerns raised about a proposed facility in North Weymouth.

The utility company Consumers Energy called on customers to voluntarily turn down their heat to reduce their use of natural gas on Thursday following a fire at a suburban Detroit gas compressor station. Temperatures on Thursday dropped to the negative double digits.

Consumers Energy officials said no one was injured in the fire Wednesday at its Ray Natural Gas Compressor Station in Macomb County. The cause of the fire, which burned for several hours after gas flow was cut, is under investigation.

Lynch, a South Boston Democrat, on Thursday said his Washington office had reached out to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration requesting a full report on the incident when it is available. Lynch earlier in the week spoke to Howard “Skip” Elliott, administrator of the agency, who agreed to hold a listening session in Weymouth regarding a proposed 7,700-horsepower natural-gas compressor station that would sit on the banks of the Fore River.

Following the partial shutdown of the federal government, Lynch said the pipeline administration is playing catch-up and scrambling to find out what caused the fire in Michigan.

“Our situation, with the proximity of the proposed compressor station to residential neighborhoods, presents real concerns, and the site is right there at the (Fore River Bridge), so there are concerns about motorist safety. Would a fire shut down Route 3A? I believe it would,” Lynch said. “The site is a third of a mile from a major gas depot, and right next to a shipping lane with gasoline tankers coming in and out at least a few times a month. All the things that could go wrong there make you reassess that site.”' (The Patriot Ledger)