SPECTRA Energy has applied to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for preliminary approval for construction of a natural gas compressor station in the Fore River Basin. The original application proposed a completion date of Summer 2018, with construction beginning in Spring 2017.  The new projected start date is late Fall 2017.

We are in the regulatory approval phase for Atlantic Bridge.

Regulatory Timeline

Upcoming Events

Timeline To Date

Jan 2015 - Initial Atlantic Bridge Open House

Jan 2015 - FRRACS is formed

Feb 2015 - Atlantic Bridge Open House in Weymouth

Mar 2015 - Atlantic Bridge Open House in Quincy

May 2015 - Atlantic Bridge FERC Scoping Meeting

May 2015 - Atlantic Bridge Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB) Hearing

Sep 2015 - Access Northeast Open House

Oct 2015 - Access Northeast Open House

Jan 2016 -  Access Northeast Open House

Mar 2016 - Mass DEP Hearing for Spectra's Waterways Permit Application

April 2016 - Weymouth Conservation Commission Meeting for Spectra's Wetlands Permit Application

May 2016 - Environmental Assessment for Atlantic Bridge is Released

May 2016 - Spectra offers the Town $47 Million Deal - Town refuses the deal

May 2016 - Access Northeast Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB) Hearing (scheduled for May 11)

May 2016 - Weymouth ConCom Denies Atlantic Bridge Wetlands Permit

May 2016 - Access Northeast FERC Scoping Meeting

July 2016 - Spectra appeals ConCom's Atlantic Bridge Wetlands Permit Denial (requests an SOC - Superseding Order of Conditions

July 2016 - MassDEP Site Visit (in response to Spectra's appeal of ConCom's decision) - launches 30 day comment period

August 2016 - Coastal Zone Management (CZM) places a 1-year Stay on Spectra's Federal Consistency Review for AB

August 2016 - Spectra Accepts CZM's 1-year stay

August 2016 - SJC Rules the Pipeline Tax Unconstitutional

August 2016 - Eversource and National Grid back out of Access Northeast Contract

August 2016 - Spectra buys underwater land for Compressor

Spectra 2016 - Enbridge announces they will be purchasing Spectra

September 2016 - MassDEP conditionally approves Spectra's request for an SOC for the ConCom permit denial

October 2016 - Pre-hearing to review ConCom's appeal of MassDEP's Superseding Order of Conditions (SOC)

October 2016 - MassDEP files motion for a stay - in response to the recent appeal of the SOC

November 2016 -  Access Northeast put on hold

December 2016 - Calpine (illegally) sells North Parcel to Spectra

December 2016 - Town files lawsuit against Calpine for illegal land sale

January 2017 - Metering and regulating station leaks at site

January 2017 - FERC grants Conditional Approval for Atlantic bridge

January 2017 - FERC loses quorum after Commissioner Bay leaves

February 2017 -  FRRACS files a request for rehearing on Atlantic Bridge
; Town of Weymouth files a request for rehearing

March 2017 - FERC Issues a tolling order

April 2017 - MassDEP orders an extension on their stay on the Wetlands ordinance

May 2017 - MassDEP indicates approval of Ch. 91 Waterways License

June 2017 - Town of Weymouth and FRRACS file appeals on Waterways License

June 2017 - Access Northeast is Withdrawn from the FERC docket

July 2017 - Governor breaks his silence

July 2017 - FRRACS releases a TV Ad

July 2017 - Senate Bill 469, An act relative to the siting of compressors, is voted favorably out of committee

August 2017 - Coastal Zone Management (CZM) extends 1-year stay by 6 months

August 2017 - MassDEP issues waterways stay

October 2017 - FRRACS files a "Public Involvement Plan" (PIP) petition regarding on-site oil contamination

November 2017 - Congressman Lynch introduces H.R. 4381, the Natural Gas Pipeline Public Health Protection Act of 2017

December 2017 - FERC denies request for rehearing regarding the Conditional Certificate of Convenience (permit) for Atlantic Bridge

January 2018 - Judge rules in favor of Enbridge re: Wetlands; Town follows with appeal

February 2018 - MassDEP is issued an order to conduct a review of Spectra’s Air Quality permit by January 2019, which includes conducting a Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

April 2018 - FRRACS launches project to collect data on illnesses in the Fore River Basin

June 2018- Spectra Misses Waterways Permit Deadline

June 2018 - First HIA Community Meeting is held

July 2018 - MAPC (company tasked with conducting the HIA) begins air quality testing

August 2018 - Wetlands Permit Hearing

September 2018 - Merrimack Valley Gas Explosion

September 2018 - FRRACS unveils new billboard in Weymouth

September 2018 - Lawmakers ask for compressor proposal to be halted after deadly Merrimack Valley Gas Explosion

September 2018 - FRRACS launches second TV ad

October 2018 - FRRACS unveils new billboard in Quincy

October 2018 - FRRACS holds a “Pet Blessing” at the park next to the proposed compressor site

November 2018- Access Northeast takes another hit after Merrimack Valley gas explosion

November 2018 - Second HIA community meeting is held