Existing Impacts on the parcel in question

The Fore River Basin is home to a wealth of industrial facilities, including a sludge pelletizing plant, a natural gas power plant, an oil and gas depot, and a biofuel refinery. 

At the site of the proposed location, there are chemical and fuel storage tanks that have leaked. 

To prevent further environmental damage to the Fore River Basin, we must demand that Spectra completes a full Environmental Impact Report on the current environmental conditions at the site and the potential environmental impacts that could result from the compressor station.

Risks of Leaking Natural Gas Into The Harbor

The Compressor Station will increase pressure on the Hubline, an existing natural gas pipeline running underwater from Weymouth to Peabody. Although "out of sight and out of mind," the 30" pipeline does have an ecological impact that continues to be mitigated by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection [more info]. Additional compression in the line increases the pressure on the pipeline.

When a pipeline ruptured at a Spectra facility in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2015, it resulted in a release of "3.9 million cubic feet of natural gas" into the Arkansas River and took Spectra two days to notify town officials.

The Weymouth Herring Run

Each year, thousands of herring swim from Boston Harbor to Whitman's Pond through the Weymouth Back River. The herring run in Weymouth dates back to 1648.

Further Reading on Environmental Impacts of Natural Gas Industry

This Compressor Station is just one piece of much larger concerns about the environmental impacts of the natural gas industry. A pattern emerges: these facilities have been built on promises of safety and profits to the companies, but its the local citizens who end up bearing the brunt of the impact on their environment and communities.