SPECTRA Energy is a Houston-based energy conglomerate with a market capitalization of approximately $17 Billion dollars. They have since merged with Enbridge., making it one of the largest oil and gas companies in North America They are working in conjunction with Eversource Energy and National Grid on an ambitious expansion of the Natural Gas infrastructure in the Northeast.

SPECTRA originally proposed a Compressor Station in Weymouth as part of Atlantic Bridge. Soon after, they filed a subsequent application that would be for the expansion of the not-yet-built-Weymouth-Compressor, as part of Access Northeast. Access Northeast has since been withdrawn.

Part 1: Atlantic Bridge

The Weymouth Compressor Station is part of the proposal for Atlantic Bridge, a SPECTRA Energy project that will carry natural gas through New England.


Download SPECTRA's Atlantic Bridge Fact Sheet


Part 2: Access Northeast (WITHDRAWN)

Info below is for reference; it is currently not being proposed:

Compressor: Despite opposition to the initial proposal, Spectra Energy had signaled their intention to expand (almost triple!) the compressor station further once built. In fact, the Access Northeast website refers to the Existing Weymouth Compressor Station!

As part of the next phase of their eastern seaboard Access Northeast project, Spectra called for the compressor station to be increased from 7,700 to 18,600 horsepower, which would increase the air, noise, and health impacts. Read coverage of the proposed expansion in Weymouth - Wicked Local (Note that this article is now outdated, as Access Northeast has been withdrawn.)

Pipeline: A 30" high pressurized gas pipeline would start in Pond Meadow, which is conservation land, run through two major state roads (Rt. 18 & 53 - both of which transport upwards of 25,000 vehicles a day), cross through a residential area known as Presidents Hill, go under our active railroad tracks and go through the Fore River, which already houses a 24" gas pipeline underneath it.

Should an explosion occur in such a highly congested and residential area like what happened in Pennsylvania in April 2016 on a Spectra pipeline, the effects would be catastrophic.

SPECTRA Information:

www.Enbridge.com (Official Site)

www.spectraenergy.com (Old Site)
SPECTRA: Atlantic Bridge Project
SPECTRA: Access Northeast (project withdrawn)

Breakdown of the two projects, as prepared by Weymouth Town Councilor, Becky Haugh