Former Spectra Employees Speak Out!

From FANG (Fighting Against Natural Gas): BREAKING.

A top safety inspector and an electrical inspector who worked for Spectra Energy on the "AIM" pipeline project have come forward to FANG with damning information about the company. The information that the whistleblowers have shared is alarming.

Spectra Energy pressured inspectors to hide information from safety reports and circumvent rules while rushing to complete the "AIM" project at all costs. Workers suffered heat exhaustion and were pushed to work 70-80 hours a week while attempts to raise concerns were met with immediate retaliation. As one of the whistleblowers put it "We were told to shut the f*** up or quit".

A top safety inspector who oversaw construction at compressor stations told us that the situation is so toxic that if the company doesn't change their workplace culture, that the safety mishaps and continuous violations could lead to a catastrophic pipeline explosion.

There are too many details to share in this email. But one important thing to know is that Spectra Energy is afraid of FANG. Our whistleblowers report that Spectra management frequently took time to strategize ways to stop FANG. Spectra then hired extra security to prevent protests, trained new employees about the history of FANG and lied to employees about potential FANG tactics.

All of this means that this weekend's mobilization in Burrillville is that much more important.

Join us on December 4-5th as we take action alongside the residents of Burrillville at the site of one of Spectra Energy's fracked-gas compressor stations that is currently under construction as part of the "AIM" Project.

FANG has been resisting Spectra's "AIM" project tirelessly for the past two years. But now it's time to #StopSpectra once and for all.