October FRRACS Meeting Recap

For folks who couldn't make it the October 11th meeting of FRRACS, we've posted a recap below:

Intervenor Status

In August, Mass DEP gave Spectra the Superseding Order of Conditions over ConCom (with some conditions). The Town is appealing Spectra’s appeal.

FRRACS member, Margaret, is overseeing efforts to File a Motion to Intervene. At the FRRACS meeting 15 people signed up to be intervenors (thank-you!). If you want a copy of that document, send us an email: nocompressor@gmail.com. Margaret will take care of all the paperwork. Important to note that Spectra can refuse us.

There will be a "Pre-Conference Hearing" on Monday, October 17th at 10am in Lakeville with Spectra, DEP, & Weymouth lawyers to discuss the matter. We are encouraging people to contact the town and urge them not to take any deal. More about that here.

Let's fill the room! We will set up a carpool for those who are interested in attending the hearing – email us (nocompressor@gmail.com) to sign up.

The meeting is open to the public and we want to get as many people there as possible. We can’t speak but you can wear your “No Compressor” T-shirts. We should listen and pay attention to what the Town's lawyer does/says.

Someone asked: Can we videotape the conference? Not sure. Though, if it’s public, we might be able to.

NH Energy Summit:

Folks from FRRACS, Western, MA, and other communities drove up to NH for the summit on Oct. 3. Some peacefully demonstrated outside and flyered; others attended the conference.

Speeches at the Summit focused on the financial market, energy needs, natural gas, etc. Some speakers included: FERC Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and industry execs. Questions from the audience were limited.

Senator Shaheen said that most of the gas was being exported. We have proof that 85% is being exported from industry sources.


There’s the potential to buy a billboard to bring more awareness to this issue. Last we checked, it is $1300/month for a minimum of three months. Once the 3 months is over, it can stay up until someone else buys ad space. We would need to fund-raise for this/apply for grants. It could help us get the word out to more folks, especially in Quincy.


We're still collecting postcards; trying to get them all in by the next FRRACS meeting (Nov. 15). We will plan a delivery event soon after.

We’re getting more postcards made, so if want some, let us know and we can bring them to you.

Occupy Hingham might be doing a supermarket standout soon to collect more signatures - we can alert you, if so.

Massachusetts Health Care Providers Against Fracked Gas (MHCPAFG):

The recently-formed group, Mass Health Care Providers Against Fracked Gas, held a press conference on Tuesday, October 11 to call for a moratorium on new gas pipeline infrastructure, pending comprehensive health impact study. Anyone who is a healthcare provider can join!

More info about their press event is available on their site here.

Weekly Bridge Standout:

Occupy Hingham hosts a weekly standout on the Weymouth side of the bridge every Wednesday. They will now be meeting from 4-5pm, as opposed to 4:30-5:30pm, since it’s beginning to get darker earlier.

Upcoming Events:

Pre-Hearing Conference for Wetlands Permit Denial

Monday, October 17 - 10:00am 11:00am

MassDEP Southeast Office 20 Riverside Dr # 1 Lakeville, MA

Merchants of Doubt film screening

Monday, October 17 - 7pm - 9pm

Thomas Crane Public Library, 40 Washington Street Quincy

Laudato Si from Pope Francis & Implications for the Compressor Station Siting

Tuesday, October 25 - 7pm-9pm

St. Jeromes Church, 632 Bridge St Weymouth

FRRACS November Meeting

Tuesday, November 15 - 7pm (6:30PM for new folks)

Fore River Club, 16 Nevada Rd., Quincy

FRRACS Holiday Party

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - 7pm-9pm

Fore River Club, 16 Nevada Rd., Quincy

Come celebrate our wins this year!