Press Event: FRRACS Stands Up to Spectra


Today, members of FRRACS held a press conference at the site of the proposed compressor station in regards to the ongoing battle against Spectra Energy. Upon learning that Spectra had offered money to the Town of Weymouth in return for getting the town to end their strong opposition to the compressor, FRRACS met with the Mayor to determine if this was true; he confirmed that this interaction did occur.

We were joined today by Claire Miller from Toxics Action Center, Emily Kirkland from 350 Mass, and an activist from the Sandisfield against Kinder Morgan.

We are asking now folks to contact the Mayor's office and the town council to urge them not to accept any deal from Spectra. No amount of money would be worth our health, our environment, our safety, or our economic well-being. 

Please call the Mayor now and tell him not to support any deal: 781-335-2000

   Alice, FRRACS lead, speaking about Spectra's deal

   Alice, FRRACS lead, speaking about Spectra's deal


The press statement given by Alice is available below: