EFSB Hearing Recap - Updated

Wednesday night's public meeting with the EFSB went on for nearly 4 hours. It was quite obvious that the people in the room really did their homework. Some brought up maps and signs, others referenced footnotes from the Atlantic Bridge EA, and some used their expertise in the medical field to cite reasons for concern in regards to health impacts. One individual said that their comments may reach 50 pages. Spectra has underestimated us.

One individual, from a labor union, did speak out in favor of this project, citing job creation and the need for clean, reliable energy. We would like to stress that neither Access NE nor Atlantic Bridge will bring us a wealth of new jobs or clean energy. According to Spectra's own documents, they will only hire 48-90 local workers across NY, CT, and MA, out of the proposed 605 jobs for Atlantic Bridge. Fracked gas is not clean - it releases methane which is 80x more potent than CO2. And the fracked gas will be transported up to Canada and exported for profit.

Click here for the The Patriot Ledger's coverage of the meeting.


The EFSB will provide their own recommendation to FERC based on the public comments that they have received. Email your comments to:

robert.j.shea@state.ma.us AND dpu.efiling@state.ma.us

For a guide on how send a comment to EFSB, FERC, or ConCom, click below.

The next meeting is the FERC Scoping Meeting: May 19, 6:30P - Abigail Adams Middle School