FERC Scoping Hearing TONIGHT!

Don't forget that tonight is the FERC scoping meeting for Access Northeast. FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, has the authority to approve or deny the project, so it is very important to submit public comments.

The meeting is at Abigail Adams Middle School (89 Middle Street), at 6:30PM. We will be gathering outside starting at 5:30PM to hold signs and rally. We will also have a table with important flyers, stickers, and new yard signs (suggested donation of $5 to cover the cost of printing).

For instructions on how to submit e-comments, read below:

Sample comment for Access Northeast:

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Docket Number: PF16-1

As a resident of Weymouth, it is extremely premature to have me comment on expanding a compressor station that is not even permitted not approved to be built in the first place (Currently under review under the Atlantic Bridge Project FERC Docket Number CP16-9).

Siting a compressor station in North Weymouth, Massachusetts is extremely detrimental to the health and welfare of the citizens who live in Weymouth, Braintree, Quincy and beyond. There are over 960 landowners within just a half mile radius of the proposed site here. Not only do I not approve of expanding the compressor station, I have also stated my opposition to siting a compressor station in such a heavily dense residential area through Atlantic Bridge as well.

The pipeline that is proposed in Access Northeast is not in the best interests of the citizens of Weymouth either. This 30" high pressurized gas pipeline will start in conservation land, run through two major state roads (Rt. 18 & 53 - both of which transport upwards of 25,000 vehicles a day), cross through a residential area known as Presidents Hill, go under our active railroad tracks and go through the Fore River, which already houses a 24" gas pipeline underneath it. Should an explosion occur in such a highly congested and residential area like what happened in Pennsylvania two weeks ago on a Spectra pipeline, the effects would be catastrophic.

A full Environmental Impact Statement must be completed before siting a compressor station in Weymouth before we even consider more than doubling the size of this station in Access Northeast. Furthermore I have dire concerns over the placement of over 3 miles in Weymouth which 97% built out and is not conducive to this type of infrastructure

Sample Comment for the Atlantic Bridge EA comment Period:

Docket Number: CP16-9

I am writing in strong opposition to the proposed Compressor Station to be built in Weymouth, Massachusetts as part of the “Atlantic Bridge” project (FERC Docket# CP16-9), and subsequently expanded under Spectra’s “Access Northeast” project (FERC Docket ‪#‎PF16‬-1).

I ask that FERC consider both projects concurrently as they pertain to the Compressor Station proposed in Weymouth, and that a full environmental review be completed before any phase of the project is approved.

An Environmental Assessment is insufficient review of a facility that poses such a substantial impact on our community. A Compressor Station has never been built in a comparably dense residential area as is proposed in Weymouth. Instead of the typical 50+ acre parcel in rural locations, the Weymouth site is a 16-acre parcel adjacent to dense residential neighborhoods with over 960 landowners within ½ mile, and more than 3000 children within 1-mile.

A proposal of this high-risk and potential-impact should mandate a full and comprehensive review of human health and environmental impacts. In keeping with FERC’s own guidelines, a “new aboveground facility near population centers” is a Category 1 project requiring an Environmental Impact Statement as part of stakeholder outreach. The applicant (Algonquin/Spectra Energy) initially told the community that an EIS was planned.

Furthermore, with the expansion of the as-yet- unapproved Compressor Station already planned under Spectra’s Access Northeast project, this is the only opportunity for the new facility to be fully reviewed.