Environmental Assessment for Atlantic Bridge Released

FERC released the Environmental Assessment (EA) for Atlantic Bridge today. Unfortunately, an EA doesn't hold much weight; it only skims the surface. Upon review of the EA, FERC could decide to issue a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which could delay Spectra's plans up to 6 months. Technically, FERC is supposed to require an EIS on projects that require a new building, which Atlantic Bridge does - but it's not likely that the agency will follow their own rules. An EIS is very important because it is an in-depth study that requires a lot more information.

In any comments that you send to FERC, please demand they issue an EIS for Atlantic Bridge (and Access Northeast, while you're at it).

Read the EA here.

The comment period for the EA is open for 30 days. Below are a step-by-step instructions on how to file a comment on FERC's website. Use Docket # CP 16-9.