Weymouth ConCom Rejects Spectra's Application!

This is exciting news! Thank you to all who attended meetings and submitted comments - our efforts have paid off.

FRRACS would like to thank the Weymouth Conservation Commission for their thoughtful and considered denial of Spectra's wetlands permit for the Atlantic Bridge project. This took two meetings, the input of many dedicated citizens, and the research of the Commission to accomplish. The denial, as we see it, was based on the fact that Spectra could not protect the interests of affected wetlands, fisheries, and conservation land with the installation of a toxic and potentially explosive facility.

This decision doesn't scrap Spectra's project, but it is a good step. Unfortunately, Spectra can appeal this decision and it's possible that they could seek federal approval that overrides ConCom's denial. Regardless, we will celebrate and keep fighting.

Read the whole article from the Patriot Ledger here.