June FRRACS Meeting Recap

We had a great meeting this week! For those who couldn't make it, read below for a recap of what was discussed. 

Last month was a very busy month, with public meetings, rallies, and more comment periods than we could keep track of. So it may feel like things have slowed down a bit, but it's important to keep up the pressure. There are a handful of events planned for the summer and more to be announced.

Upcoming Actions and Events

Saturday, June 18: We will have a table at Weyfest from 11am-2pm at Southfield (Weymouth). Stop by the table to pick up a sign or stickers.

Sunday, June 19: Father's Day Action - Leafleting in Winthrop and Swampscott (10am-2pm), Rally in Swapscott (2-4pm), and a screening (7-9pm) of "How to Let go of the World and Love all of the Things that Climate Can't Change" w/Director Josh Fox. More info here.

Monday, June 20: Crane Library Presentation w/ QCAN to discuss gas pipeline alternatives (7-9pm). More info here.

Thursday, July 14 - Monday, July 18: People Over Pipelines March - Residents across Mass will march along Spectra's proposed pipeline route to show Gov. Baker and state leaders that if they don't act on pipelines, the people will. For more details, visit the facebook page: 

Ongoing: Collecting postcards for Gov. Baker - we've had an ongoing campaign to collect postcards urging Gov. Baker to take action on stopping pipelines, compressors, and the pipeline tax. If you would like to help us gather some more signatures on the postcards, send us an email at nocompressor@gmail.com and we will get you some postcards. They will be recollected and hand delivered, not mailed.

Updates from May meetings and other happenings:

DEP: The comment period has ended and we are awaiting their response. Stay tuned for details. Thanks to all who submitted comments and attended hearings.

EFSB: Great turnout at the hearing (thank you to all who came!). The EFSB submitted a strong and detailed response to FERC last year in regards to Atlantic Bridge, advising them not to approve the project. This time around the meetings with the EFSB were for Access Northeast and we are now waiting to see what they submitted to FERC. The EFSB has no control over the decision, but they can submit their comments and opinions.

ConCom: The Conservation Commission denied Spectra's permit request! Thanks to all who submitted comments. This doesn't stop the project, but could create some delay.

FERC: Residents submitted detailed, informative and powerful statements to FERC staff at the May hearing. Though the technical comment period ended last month, it appears FERC is still accepting comments. So please continue to submit, if you can.

SJC Decision on Pipeline Tax: Their decision regarding Gov. Baker's Pipeline Tax is expected to be announced in July or August - stay tuned.

Warren/Markey Letter to FERC: The Senators recently sent a letter to FERC regarding the conflict of interest between NRG (the company that completed the EA on Atlantic Bridge) and Spectra. Itai Vardi of Desmogblog.com recently revealed this alarming (but not surprising) conflict of interest. The Senators urged FERC to issue an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) for Atlantic Bridge to be completed by an independent, third-party company.

DeSmogBlog Articles - Itai Vardi, professor at BU and freelance journalist, has uncovered details regarding Spectra and FERC's dirty ways. Read his articles here and here.

Fundraising - if you have ideas for fundraisers, let us know! It's possible that we will have some heavy costs in the future (i.e. a lawyer or legal counsel).

Our next meeting is: Tuesday, July 12 at the Fore River Club in Quincy - 7pm (6:30pm for meet & greet). Hope to see you there!