LNG Tanks May Land in Somerset

As part of Spectra's Algonquin pipeline, they are seeking a location for two LNG (liquefied natural gas) tanks. Somerset is being vetted as an alternative location to the proposed location in Acushnet. It appears that town Selectmen in Somerset are on board with the project, citing the recent closure of Brayton Point Nuclear Power Plant as a need for more energy. 

Look like we'll be bringing the fight to Somerset.

Excerpt below. You can read the whole article here.

"A July 8 letter his office provided, from pipeline developer Spectra Energy Transmission LLC, says Somerset is now in the mix for regional pipeline expansion.

“To date, Algonguin [Gas Transmission LLC] has been evaluating a site in Acushnet, MA for the LNG storage facility. ... Based on a very preliminary review, an alternative site in your community is under consideration as possibly constituting a viable alternative location,” John P. Sheridan, Spectra director of state governmental affairs, wrote last week.

The location Sheridan identified was a 135-acre site owned by National Grid adjacent to the town sewer facility, with Interstate 195 to the south and the Taunton River to the east, the letter states.

Consistent with reports and meetings in Acushnet — where the Army Corps of Engineers raised permanent wetlands impact concerns — each of the two tanks would be 270 feet wide at the base and 170 feet tall; they’d each hold “3.4 billion cubic feet of LNG,” Sheridan wrote.

In comparison, the cooling towers at Brayton Point are 500 feet tall and 400 feet wide at the base.

“I’m in support of it,” Selectmen Chairman David Berube told The Herald News on Wednesday."