Make a Call Monday to #StopSpectra

Don't forget to make a call every Monday!

Right now, Spectra Energy is building the AIM Pipeline, PUTTING PIPES IN THE GROUND, of a dangerous, high-pressure gas pipeline that would pose a danger to our communities and lock us into further dependence on fossil fuels. 

Tell your senators - we need you to DEMAND that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issue a stop work order for the AIM pipeline, and we need YOU to take a public stand against the pipeline via a joint press conference in DC with your senate colleagues. Our lives are on the line!


Suggested script:

THANK YOU Senator Warren/Markey for writing to FERC and urging them to conduct an independent EIS on Atlantic Bridge and to answer questions regarding the conflict of interest between NRG (contractor that worked on the EA) and Spectra on June 9th, 2016.

As you know Spectra AIM, the first leg of this illegally segmented project that connects to Atlantic Bridge, is underway in NYS against the will of Governor Cuomo, multiple NY State agencies and Senators Schumer and Gillibrand. We request that you respond to our letter hand-delivered to your office on June 13, 2016, with your Senator colleagues in NY, RI, CT who also have Spectra AIM Pipeline destruction progressing against legislators, local resolutions and strong community opposition, to hold a national press conference in Washington, DC, demanding FERC issue a “Stop Work Order” to the AIM pipeline. Our lives are on the line.