Agencies to Contact During the "Stay"

Although Spectra accepted the 1-year stay put forth by Coastal Zone Management (CZM), that doesn't mean that we have won or that we should stall our efforts. It's important to continue raising our voices and contacting the appropriate agencies during the stay. The stay buys us time, so we need to utilize it. Listed below are three places that you could call and/or email to further voice your concerns about the compressor:

  1. Bob Boeri of CZM: they're waiting for the Chapter 91 info, but you can continue sending them info. Based on the Ch. 91 info, they may adjust the timeline of the stay, so comments are important.
  2. Frank Taormina of DEP: he is the contact for the Chapter 91 waterways license issue. If you need a refresher on Ch. 91 and the compressor, you can read about it here or here.
  3. Dan Gilmore of DEP: He is currently reviewing Spectra's appeal of the ConCom permit denial; his response should be announced within the next 2 weeks - we will update you. Comments were officially due July 29, but you can still contact him, if you'd like.
    • (508) 946-2808