Big Win - SJC Rules Pipeline Tax is Illegal!

Today brings us another big win! After months of deliberating, the Supreme Judicial Court announced their ruling on the infamous "pipeline tax" and they found it to be illegal. That's right, illegal. 

"The Court declares it unlawful for Massachusetts to force residential electricity customers to subsidize the construction of private gas pipelines, requiring the companies themselves to shoulder the substantial risks of such projects rather than allowing that risk to be placed on hardworking families across the Commonwealth." -Conservation Law Foundation

Now, this doesn't bring an end to the compressor or the pipelines, but it is a big step forward. Spectra now has to find another way to fund the pipelines and they'd prefer to avoid their own pockets.  In response to today's announcement, a spokesman for Spectra said that they are "extremely disappointed with the decision." - Bloomberg. Well, we're certainly not disappointed. 

A big thank goes out to all who have organized around this issue for months. From questioning Gov. Baker at dozens of events to marching 43 miles across Massachusetts. Our grassroots efforts have paid off. And a special thank you to 350 Mass for a Better Future and the Conservation Law Foundation for their extended efforts on this campaign.

Image credit: Becky Haugh

Image credit: Becky Haugh