Action Alert: Calpine Enters Agreement with Spectra


We received a communication from FERC yesterday (see below) that Calpine has "entered into an agreement" with Spectra for the North Parcel. This letter was dated July 15th. Please call the Mayor and your Town Councilor and ask:

1) Was the town made aware of this agreement? What is the agreement?

2) We are aware that the original contract with the town (MOA) states that Calpine must be given approval by the town for any disposition of this land. Did the town approve anything?

3) The agreement also seems to change the lot size--yet again. Did Calpine do the proper applications for subdividing the property? If so, were the permits approved by the town planner?

Calpine has not been a good neighbor. They have received huge tax breaks from the town as part of the original agreement. If they broke the contract, we should demand back tax payments AND deny future tax breaks.

Your councilor's numbers:

Patrick O’Connor 781-335-0113
Michael Smart 781-331-8844
Robert M. Conlon 781-331-1177
Kenneth DiFazio 781-337-0687
Jane Hackett 781-331-2187
Ed Harrington 781-337-8488
Rebecca Haugh 781-205-4644
Thomas J. Lacey 781-331-2685
Arthur Mathews 781-331-2872
Brian McDonald 781-331-2641
Michael Molisse 781-331-4339

The Mayor:

Robert Hedlund 781-340-5012 or email

The argument of eminent domain does not hold up for a multitude of reasons and should not be used by Calpine as an excuse for not upholding their end of the contract.

We know that it is late in the day, so calling or emailing tomorrow would be great.

Thanks for all that you do!