Spectra Accepts One Year Stay on the Compressor!

Spectra has agreed to the Coastal Zone Management's (CZM) one year stay on the Atlantic Bridge compressor!

We are guardedly optimistic. We figure they have something else to come at us with. Stay tuned!

An individual from CZM has informed us that:
• FERC is barred from ruling on the compressor for the length of the CZM stay

• Until a Chapter 91 license is issued to Spectra by MassDEP, the CZM review process does NOT start. http://www.mass.gov/…/chapter-91-the-massachusetts-public-w…

• Obtaining a Ch 91 license is a longer process than we thought: at least 6 months-1 year

• IF Spectra gets a Ch 91 license, then the CZM review process can start. FERC would still be barred from ruling on the project during this time.

• CZM might take 6 months to do their review of the Ch 91 license for consistency with their rules/standards

• IF, by some crazy happenstance, Spectra gets everything they need before the stay is over, they have to apply for an amendment to the stay

• He suggested we talk to MassDEP about what goes into deciding about Ch 91 licenses.