January FRRACS Meeting Recap

If you weren't able to attend our meeting this month, read below for brief notes on what we discussed. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Calpine Sale

  • Calpine unlawfully subdivided the land and then sold it to Spectra.
  • The Town filed a suit in Norfolk County Superior Court; it will likely delay things a few months. Will likely go to court in February.
  • If the court sides with the Town, Calpine and Spectra have to go back to the drawing board.
  • In their subdivision, they took land from Calpine, which isn’t legal.
  • The sale also breaks the TIF agreement (Tax Increment Financing) with the town, since they didn’t inform the town of the sale.
  • The EFSB (Energy Facilities Siting Board) also says that they cannot sell land without informing the town.
  • When we know of the court date, we publicize it so that folks can attend.

Testing at the Site

  • They are doing soil boring tests to collect data on a spill that happened on the site last summer. The DEP is making Spectra clean up the spill.

Recent M&R Station Leak

  • On Friday, January 6, there was a gas leak at the M&R station. It was later determined that a valve got stuck.
  • Despite having 24/7 computer monitor of the M&R station, Spectra was unaware of the leak until someone contacted them about it.
  • Neighbors noticed a smell and called the fire department. It took spectra 2 hours to respond.
  • The town has demanded reconciliation on how much gas was released and details about what exactly happened.
  • Representative Stephen Lynch and Councilor Becky Haugh visited the site the following morning.
  • The Fire Department doesn’t have a safety plan from Spectra, though they are supposed to be provided with one.
  • You can read more about it here.

Demand for PHMSA Meeting

  • We are going to try to get a meeting with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) to address the overall lack of safety and security of all pipeline projects across the state. We plan to invite pipeline groups from all across the state.
  • It is under the DOT (Department of Transportation)
  • We hope to get a meeting set up within the next two months

Flood Zone Info

  • Spectra's maps labeling flood zones are incorrect. Though we've informed them of their inaccuracies, they have not corrected them.
  • FRRACS members are meeting with reps from CZM (Coastal Zone Management) this week to discuss this concern, along with other concerns.

Update From Becky/FERC Letter

  • Ralph Child, the attorney for Spectra, keeps saying that the certificate of approval is imminent, with the intent to scare us.
  • Becky reached out to FERC to see if any of this holds any weight. She got a response from Maggie Sutter that essentially said that Spectra cannot do anything until CZM lifts the stay, unless Spectra can get all of the permits the CZM requires, before August 23.
  • From what we know, Spectra has only obtained 1 permit: a Fish and Wildlife federal permit. We are not certain why this agency would approve the permit given the impact that this project will have on fish and waterways.

Post cards /  Sign Holding

  • We're still collecting postcards! Occupy Hingham collects postcard signatures at Stop & Shop every Wednesday afternoon (time and location may be changing soon).
  • Bridge standout: 3-4pm on Wednesdays, if temperatures are above 40 degrees. They stand on the Weymouth side of the Fore River Bridge.


  • We are trying to raise money to get a lawyer. Margaret, a FRRACS member, made some beautiful watercolor paintings that are available for a suggested donation of $100. She also created some one-of-a-kind FRRACS calendars; suggested donation of $50. Let us know if you're interested in making a donation.

Action Item:

Volunteers needed

  • We will be purchasing VOC canisters using grant money that we recently received. We are looking for volunteers to sit with the cans for 4 hours or so as they collect air samples. We need 10-15 people. If your interested in helping out, send us an email at nocompressor@gmail.com

Upcoming Events:

NVDA Training

  • On Jan. 24 we will be holding a Nonviolent Direct Action training at the Fore River Club from 6-9pm
  • The training will be led by The FANG Collective, who have a wealth of experience with nonviolent resistance.
  • If you want to attend, please fill out this form so that we can plan and prep accordingly.

February FRRACS Meeting

  • Tuesday, February 7 at 7pm at the Fore River Club. (6:30pm for new folks)