Friday Night Leak at Compressor Site

On the evening of January 6, Scan Weymouth reported that there was a leak at the Fore River Bridge. It was later determined that there was a leak from a one inch valve at the M&R Station. This was reported around 7:30PM. It took Spectra over 2 hours to respond and turn the valve off, which is simply unacceptable. They stopped the leak around 9:45PM.

If the community hadn't reported a strong odor, how long would it have taken Spectra to realize one of their valves was leaking? They say they monitor everything 24/7 from their computer station in Texas, but they seem to have missed this one. How can we expect Spectra to respond in a timely manner if something more serious were to happen with the compressor? The answer is simply that we can't.

Thank you to all who responded so quickly to this matter!

Below are the updates from Scan Weymouth over the course of the evening:

Fore River Bridge - Outside odor of natural gas under the bridge near the construction site.

Update 1 of 10: Engine 1 on Bridge St reporting a strong odor. Requesting the power plant be called to see if they have anything going on or if they are blowing anything off there
Update 2: Engine 1 is by the metering station and believes a line is open and blowing off gas.
Update 3: Quincy DPW is on scene on their side of the bridge investigating a manhole issue. They are still investigating and not sure if this is related to the issue on the Weymouth side.
Update 4: Quincy crew believes the leak is on their side, but it is blowing off on the Weymouth side.
Update 5: National Grid just advised the fire deputy that they got a report of another outside leak at 191 Bridge St.
Update 6: Fire deputy just read off a number to dispatch for Algonquin Gas Transmission and asked them to call it to inform them they have an emergency there.
Update 7: Algonquin Gas is sending out a team to the site. They will be calling dispatch back with an ETA.
Update 8: Per dispatch: "Joe from Algonquin Gas" is going to be calling the fire deputy about the Fore River site. Fire department left the scene to respond to a gas dryer fire on Meeting House Ln.
Update 9: C2 reports representative from Spectra Energy on scene at 8:57pm.
Update 10: Fire deputy reports Spectra managed to bypass a value at the metering station and stop the leak at 9:43pm. Original dispatch approximately 7:35pm.