Patriot Ledger coverage of Oct. 23 Safety Air Modeling Presentation

Last night, Dr. Curt Nordgaard talked about the dangers of compressor station blowdowns and close proximity to the new Fore River Bridge. Initial air modeling has raised concerns about the possibility of ignition if a gas from a blowdown were to make contact with sources on the bridge (i.e. catalytic converters, cellphones, etc.). The information presented should only be looked at an initial analysis; but remains a cause for concern. We have shared the info with the DEP and other agencies, but have not received any response. We think this is critical issue that warrants further investigation. 

The Patriot Ledger covered the event in the paper today. You can read the full piece here, as well as excerpts below.

"A local doctor working with residents fighting a proposed 7,700-horsepower natural-gas compressor station in North Weymouth said his rough analysis shows even small releases of natural gas could create flammable conditions on the Fore River Bridge.

“Doesn’t this matter? Can’t we have (the experts) look at this?” Dr. Curtis Nordgaard said Monday night at the Fore River Clubhouse in Quincy. “I can create under seemingly reasonable conditions results that show that this is a possible risk, and this is something that should be looked at further.”

Several dozen South Shore residents attended a presentation by Nordgaard and the Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station about information they say is absent from Algonquin Gas Transmission’s air report to the state regarding blowdowns – releases of natural gas often used to relieve pressure in pipelines.

State Reps. James Murphy, D-Weymouth and Joan Meschino, D-Hull, and state Sen. Walter Timilty, D-Milton, attended the meeting, along with officials from Weymouth and Hingham."