PIP Contamination Meeting Recap & Draft Plan

On Monday night there was a meeting at Abigail Adams Middle School in Weymouth to discuss the oil contamination at the proposed compressor site. FRRACS submitted a petition to MassDEP to request a Public Involvement Plan (PIP) in relation to the clean-up of the oil contamination at the site. Sixteen residents signed onto the petition.

The meeting was led by Kelley Race, a Licensed Site Professional (LSP), for TRC Environmental Corp. The public was invited to attend to present their oral comments. We had orignially expected MassDEP and Spectra/Enbridge to be there, but they did not send any representatives. TRC was hired by Spectra to oversee the clean-up process, despite the fact that TRC has worked for Spectra on this project in the past, submitting documents in favor of the compressor station project. Residents raised their concerns about this conflict of interest.

As Coucilor Haugh stated, '“TRC helped write thousands of documents that moved this project along,” District 1 Town Councilor Becky Haugh said. “I don’t understand how the company that wrote documents supporting the project is now in charge of taking comments and concerns and judging them.”' (Patriot Ledger)

TRC opened with a presentation about the clean-up process, which you can view here or below. To read coverage of this meeting in the Patriot Ledger, click here.

The draft PIP is available on the MassDEP website here. To review all of the files related to this PIP, click here.

You may remember hearing TRC (Kelley Race) speaking at the ConCom meetings back in April and May of 2016. To rewatch videos of those two meetings, click here (April) and here (May).

PIP Presentation

PIP Presentation