Baker responds to compressor questions on BPR

Governor Baker appeared on BPR's program, "Ask the Governor," yesterday. We usually try to let people know when he will be on so that folks can try to submit questions to the governor. A FRRACS member got through yesterday and asked the Governor about the compressor station and whether or not he received the 1000+ postcards that we delivered on Grounhog Day. He said that he hasn't seen the postcards, which makes us raise an eyebrow. Where did the postcards go? What about the 11,000+ petition signatures we delivered in conjunction with the postcards? Did his staff just forget to pass them along?

He also relinquished himself of any responsibility over the compressor station and told us to bring our concerns to the federal agencies. While it is true that FERC has most of the power, state and local agencies have the ability to deny permits. One agency in particular is Coastal Zone Management (CZM). CZM falls under the state Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA), which reports to Baker.

It's not a matter of whether or not Baker has the authority to approve or deny the project (which he doesn't, of course), it's the fact that thousands of his constituents are voicing their concerns and he isn't making the effort to listen to them. This compressor station, if built, threatens the lives of thousands of people and Baker should be concerned about that, or should at least take the time to listen to people.

If you want to read WGBH's follow-up story or if you want to listen to the radio segment, click here.