Desmogblog uncovers ties between MA Enviro Officials and Spectra

An investigate report by Itai Vardi found that Spectra lobbyists have close relations with Massachusetts environmental officials --i.e. some of the agencies responsible for approving or denying Spectra's permits.

So, it seems that Gov. Baker and his EEA chief have a little something in common--they are both shills for the fracked gas industry and they both could not care less about the people and the environment of the Commonwealth.

In the piece, Jon Bonsall, a Spectra lobbyist, mocks Councilor Haugh for seeking answers to Spectra's gas leak at the M&R station in January. It's quite obvious that they don't take safety seriously. We, on the other hand, are very grateful for Becky's commitment to this fight.

Many, many thanks to Itai Vardi for his continued investigative--and amazing-- journalism.

You can read the article here.