Important Action Items

On May 30, Dr. Curt Nordgaard presented data on the air quality near the proposed compressor site. We posted a recap of the meeting here and have a few videos of Dr. Nordgaard's presentation on our facebook. The Patriot Ledger also published a recap of the meeting, which you can read here.

Now that we've presented and talked about the results, it's time to take action! Read below for an outline of a few action items:

Take Action:

1. Submit comments to MassDEP for the Ch. 91 Waterways Permit

MassDEP recently submitted a conditional approval of Spectra's Ch. 91 Waterways Application. MassDEP is accepting comments through June 7 - we need to flood them with comments! We have compiled a commenting guide to help you as you write your comments. You can access that guide here, as well as info on how to submit comments. 

2. Call and email MassDEP about the Air Pollution Permit

The data we collected show alarming levels of pollutants near the proposed site of the compressor. The data conflict with Spectra's data in their draft air pollution plan. It was also recently revealed that MassDEP allowed Spectra to review and edit a draft approval of their air pollution permit, including edits to pollution standards. Due to this collusion and inaccurate data, we are asking that MassDEP deny the air pollution permit.

Please contact MassDEP officials and ask that they:
1. Retract and/or deny the draft air pollution permit
2. Repeat the air pollution analyses with independent consultants
MassDEP Contacts:
Thomas Cushing, Permit Chief -; 508-946-2824
Millie Garcia-Serrano, Acting Regional Director -; 508-946-2727

3. Call Gov. Baker's Office

Call the Governor and ask why he is not supporting the residents of the Fore River Basin and the entire South Shore! Though he says that the compressor fight needs to be addressed at the federal level, we know that his state agencies, like MassDEP and Coastal Zone Management, have the ability to deny vital permits. The data above demonstrate violations of MassDEP guidelines for 8 toxic air pollutants, including some that can cause cancer. This is a local and state issue; an issue that Gov. Baker can and should speak out on. He can’t simply wipe his hands clean and tell us to take our public health issues to the federal level.

Call Governor Baker - 617.725.4005 - and ask why he is not supporting residents of the South Shore.

4. Help move Senate Bill 469 out of Committee

Senate Bill 469 - An Act relative to the positioning of compressor stations.

State Senator O'Connor, with the support of 11 other representatives and senators,submitted a bill that would prevent the construction of compressor stations within a half mile of vulnerable facilities such as schools, churches, and daycare operations. The Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture held a public hearing on Tuesday, May 16, to review this bill. If this bill passes, it could be the key to the safety and security of thousands of residents in the Commonwealth. It has yet to leave committee, so we suggest contacting the  2 chairs and committee members of the committee. Ask for their support of this bill.

For brief talking points, click here.
Contact info for committee members available here.