Article in the Globe about the compressor and Baker

Today's Globe featured an article about the compressor fight and our efforts to put pressure on Governor Baker. You can read the article here: "Baker facing mounting pressure on Weymouth gas facility."

With our new TV ad, a long-running sit-in at Baker's office (#SitWithAndrea), and continued public opposition, our efforts to get Gov. Baker to speak out against the compressor are growing.

“The grass roots are very aggressive and well organized, and they have a plan,” said House majority leader Ronald Mariano, a Quincy Democrat. “There is a lot of pressure to revisit this and have the feds take a look at it. I think [activists have] made their point convincingly, and the pressure’s mounting on all of us.” (Boston Globe)

Thank you, Rep. Mariano, we do have a plan!

Continue calling and emailing Governor Baker everyday to ask that he visit the site and speaks out against the compressor. A sample phone and email script is available here.