New TV Ad Puts Pressure on Baker

Last week we aired a new TV commercial (watch it on Youtube here) that directly targets Governor Baker. The ad asks, "Where are you, Gov. Baker?" This week he broke his silence. Though we are glad that he has addressed some of our concerns, he stopped short of stating his opposition, unlike many of his colleagues. He left the door open to the possibility of the compressor STILL being sited in the Basin by making the assumption that the Air Quality permit will be issued, but that a health assessment will be done prior to that issuance, and by stating that his administration is committed to expanding our natural (fracked) gas capacity in the State.

We have proven time after time that the gas coming through Weymouth is NOT for MA. It is in Spectra's own resource report. Spectra has even--finally--admitted to that. So, the fact of the matter is that in this case, definitively, Spectra's Profits=Our Cancers. Let's keep informing the Governor of these facts.

We also don't know the details of the health assessment, how much community involvement there will be in the process, or who will be conducting it. Many questions remain. 

Read the story about our Ad in the Braintree paper.