Senate Bill 469 Moves out of Committee

Some good news: Senate Bill 469 - an act relative to positioning of compressor stations was reported out favorably by the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture. 

State Senator O'Connor, with the support of 11 other representatives and senators, submitted a bill that would prevent the construction of compressor stations within a half mile of vulnerable facilities such as schools, churches, and daycare operations. The Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture held a public hearing on May 16, to review this bill. Until now, the bill was stuck in committee. We're glad to see that the bill is moving along. If it passes, it could be the key to the safety and security of thousands of residents in the Commonwealth. 

We thank Senator O'Oconnor and many others, for all their hard work on this bill. And many thanks to the folks who called committee members to ask that the vote favorably on the bill.

Read below for Senator O'Connor's statement

"A few moments ago, my bill, S469, “An Act relative to the positioning of compressor stations,” was reported out favorably by the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture. This is a significant development and I am very grateful that the Committee recognizes the urgency of passing this legislation.

This bill would impose limitations on where compressor stations may be positioned in the Commonwealth. Normally, compressor stations are sited in remote, rural areas with around 50 acres of land as a buffer between the facility and populated areas. My bill would codify these siting standards by prohibiting new compressor stations from being located within a half-mile of public areas and regions of environmental concern.

S.469 will institute standards of public health and safety, and hopefully help in our fight against the North Weymouth compressor station. I am looking forward to advancing my bill to the next steps of the legislative process.

Thanks to everyone who came to the hearing and who continue to support this initiative including State Senator John F. Keenan and Representative James Murphy. Your advocacy has truly made a difference."