Gov. Baker *Might* Visit the Proposed Site

Governor Baker makes an appearance once a month on BPR for a segment called "Ask the Governor." For many months now, folks in the community have been successful in getting through to him. When posed with questions about the compressor, he usually wipes his hands clean of any responsibility and urges people to take their concerns to the federal level. But we know there is more than he can do. We need him to visit the site and to speak out against this dangerous proposal. Speaking out could give some of his agencies, like Coastal Zone Management, political cover to deny Spectra's permits.

Last week, two people got through and were able to ask the Governor a question. Andrea Honore, who has been holding a daily sit-in at the Governor's office for nearly 80 days, was able to reach the Governor. She asked him to visit the site and he said he would talk to his scheduler. We need to hold him to that! You can also read the Statehouse News story on this here.

Call Gov. Baker - 617-725-4005 - and encourage him to pay a visit. We'd be happy to give him a tour.

Sample email and call script available here and below.

Click on the image to access the PDF version.