A special thank you


It has been a very long two and three quarters years! The latest stay on the Waterways permitting warrants us taking a moment to thank all of you who have fought so long and hard to get to this point. Recognizing that it ain't over, we would still like you all to know that the Fore River Residents do not take your hard work, focus, and dedication for granted.

We hate to do lists because we are always afraid of missing someone, but we will try to get to everyone on this post. Thank you to (and in no particular order):

--The FRRACS Board for research, letter writing, website design and updates, legal work, meeting planing, and more than we could ever have asked for!

--All of our FRRACS members who have written letters, made calls, held signs, gone to meetings, canvassed, made SIGNIFICANT monetary donations, and kept us going!

--Mayor Susan Kay for her original dedication to the cause and for hiring Miyares and Harrington--the outside environmental counsel.

--Councilor Rebecca Haugh for her original dedication, her unbelievable research and commentary skills, her continued dedication to this opposition on the Council, and so much more than we can say.

--The entire Town Council of Weymouth for putting forward resolutions and for calling Spectra out at every turn.

--The Conservation Commission of the Town of Weymouth. It was your original refusal to permit this compressor based on our wetlands ordinance that got this whole "stay" ball rolling.

--Occupy Hingham for their dedication to getting the word out every week on the streets of Weymouth.

--North Weymouth Civic Association for listening and getting behind the fight within the first months.

--East Braintree Civic Association (Mike Lang) for their incredible assistance with the "how to" on all of this.

-Back River Watershed and Fore River Watershed Associations for walking the walk with us, getting the word out, and helping us understand the historical issues with the watersheds.

--Karina Wilkinson and Food and Water Watch for filing for intervenor status for FRRACS and many others so that we would have standing with FERC.

--Andrea Honore for her one woman sit-in that escalated into the biggest action on the Hill that Mothers Out Front has ever done.

--Wendy Cullivan for her tenacity in going after the Globe, Sen. Warren's office, Gov. Baker, and local legislators.

--The City of Quincy, but especially Mayor Tom Koch, Councilors Croall and Laforest, for their support--both financial and spiritual.

--The Town of Braintree for the support of Mayor Sullivan and the Town Council.

--The Town of Hingham for joining the fight.

--Investigative journalist Itai Vardi for his incredible reporting on Spectra and all of their inside evil deeds.

--Jessica Trufant and Ed Baker who have been keeping this front and center in the Ledger and the News.

--Every State Representative and Senator in the district! Check out our website for our Wall of Fame on the front page.

--Congressman Stephen Lynch, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Ed Markey for working to assist us on the Federal level with all manner of things.

--Our local clergy for spiritual support in difficult times.

--Families Against Spectra and the Hingham Residents Against the Compressor Station who came out a little later, but who have been the reinforcement troops so needed.

--The larger organizations like 350MA, Toxics Action Center, and Mothers Out Front for all of their help in finding our way.

--The Island Foundation for seeing the merit in our work and funding our scientific research for two years.

--Dr. Curt Nordgaard for all of his leadership and hard work on our environmental testing.

--All of the pipeline warriors that we have joined with and connected to from Pennsylvania to Western MA to Maine. Our strength is in unity.

--Our attorneys Carolyn Elefant in DC and Michael and a Lori Hayden in MA.

--The Town of Weymouth and Mayor Hedlund for their continued fight and for joining FRRACS at the Federal level on our current motions in the DC circuit court.

--Weymouth Town Solicitor Joe Callanan for his help with filing multiple appeals, including the waterways appeal

--And to all who may not be mentioned separately here, but who have worked with us in ways large and small. You know who you are and so do we.

As we said--it ain't over yet. So stay with us, keep apprised and vigilant! And from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.❤️