Mayor Sullivan Addresses Air Pollution

After we presented at the Braintree Town Council meeting in August, Mayor Sullivan and other town members have voiced their concerns about the high levels of benzene in Braintree.

Mayor Sullivan said that he will be taking action once more information is collected.

"'Braintree was where we found the greatest number of exceedences,” according to Dr. Curtis Nordgaard, who practices in Dorchester and is working with FRRACS on a pro-bono basis.

Sullivan said he is planning to meet with Nordgaard and the mayor shared some of his concerns about the data.

“If the wind is blowing west, then that impacts the entire Town of Braintree,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan called the increased levels of benzene a regional issue.

“I congratulate the Fore River residents who have been extremely active,” Sullivan said.

The mayor said the town will take action on the dangerous emissions once more information is collected and said there are opportunities for the town’s health board and conservation commission to get involved.

He also said the industrial uses in East Braintree should be monitored and warned the issue could become worse over time if it is not addressed." - Wicked Local Braintree

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