Telling Our Stories

We who live in the Fore River Basin are keenly aware of the toxic legacy of the industrialization of our coastal home. Here at FRRACS we have heard story after story of cancers, asthma, and autoimmune disorders--many of these illnesses familial and generational.  

FRRACS is undertaking a project to document the health stories of those who have lived with this issue. We will be working to collect your stories by video, by recordings, and by writing.  We plan to premier these stories at a very special meeting in the fall.  

Do you know anyone in and around the Fore River Basin who has experienced illnesses that could potentially be linked to environmental toxins? We are collecting stories as part of the fight against the compressor station to illustrate the fact that we cannot bare to have anymore toxic facilities in the community. 

If you, your friend, or your family member feels comfortable sharing their story, please contact us and we will set up a time to meet. You can email us at or you can fill out the form below:

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