Merrimack Valley Gas Explosion

We are all very weary after the devastation in the Merrimack Valley on Thursday.  Our thoughts are with those affected, including the family of the individual whose life who lost due to this terrible tragedy. Our actions going forward must make a difference as the days turn to months in this awful tragedy.

The initial information from the NTSB is that one sensor, to begin with, was attached to a closed off pipe.  Therefore, it was not reading any pressure in the pipeline.  A human hand had to have moved the sensor to that dead line or forgotten to reattach it to a live line.  Either way, the first information we have from authorities appears to show very human error being made with a dangerous substance--methane. 

We at FRRACS will be working with activists throughout the Commonwealth to assist those affected in whatever ways we can as groups or as individuals.  And we will all hold accountable not only Columbia Gas, but the state agencies who have long turned their heads when citizens have spoken out about the dangers of fracked gas as an energy source.  We know we can count on you and your activism to help us carry out these promises.