Enbridge Fails Again - Call Gov. Baker!

Action Item -- Call Governor Baker at 617-725-4005 and ask him about the valve in Weymouth that caused RI to lose gas.

Another week, another two gas pipeline related incidents on Enbridge lines: an explosion in Ohio and a pressure drop in Rhode Island caused by a valve in Weymouth, leaving thousands without heat for days. Enbridge continues to prove that they are not safe or reliable.

We are thankful that no human life was taken in Ohio, but one person was badly burned and livestock was lost in the fires near the site of the explosion. We are equally grateful that National Grid was paying attention and caught the severe pressure drop. This drop, much like the over pressurization in Lawrence, could have caused explosions at residences and businesses in Newport. As it is, it is leaving 10,000 residences and businesses without gas.

Governor Baker is sending MEMA workers to Rhode Island to assist. That's very nice of him, but apparently, his kindness does not extend to the residents of the Basin and the South Shore as he has condemned us to poor health and the threat of explosion in our neighborhood. And we can see how well Enbridge maintains its valves. This is the second time in two years that a valve failed in Weymouth during cold weather. This does not instill confidence.

Give Governor Baker a call today, he's enjoying hearing from all of us!