Volunteers Needed to Sign an Affidavit on Tuesday

Action Item: We will have a notary at our meeting on Tuesday to take affidavits on personal use and enjoyment of the Kings Cove Park. If you use the park and would like to sign an affidavit, please join us on Tuesday, January 8, at the Fore River Clubhouse (16 Nevada Road), starting at 6:30 PM.

The affidavit will read:

I, (name), hereby attest that my use of the Kings Cove Park will be substantially affected by the building of the Enbridge/Spectra gas compressor station adjacent (forty feet) to the walkway. I am concerned with being near the toxic emissions from the compressor station and their health impacts. The continuous, relentless noise of the station running 24/7 along with the increased noise of periodic blowdowns will change the benefits of passive recreation I now enjoy at the Kings Cove Park. The nasty odor of the mercaptan additive to the methane gas will have an additional negative impact on my use and enjoyment of this conservation land.

My public access and enjoyment of the Kings Cove Park is protected by 310CMR9.35 and Coastal Zone Management Program (CZM) Public Access Policy #1 (enforceable).

There will be additional space available to add your own comments.