Final Public Involvement Plan Available Online

The results of the Public Involvement Program (PIP) for the cleanup of oil contamination are now finalized. The Final Permanent Solution with Condition Statement (PSWCS ) from Algonquin Gas Transmission is now available at (go to Release Tracking numbers (RTNs) 4-26243/4-26230) Atlantic Bridge Project, Weymouth Compressor Station 6 & 50 Bridge Street, Weymouth, MA 02191.

Four volumes include comments and responses received during the public comment period on the Draft PSWCS, Immediate Response Action Completion Report (IRAC) and Activity and Use Limitation (AUL). Hard copies are available for review at the Weymouth Health Department, Town of Weymouth, 75 Middle Street, Weymouth and at the Tufts branch library in north Weymouth.

Volume One of Four:

The repository is at the north Weymouth branch of Tufts Library.