More on Warren, Markey, and Lynch's letter to Enbridge

Senator Warren, Senator Markey, and Congressman Lynch sent a letter to Enbridge, urging them to reconsider the compressor station proposal.

Investigative journalist Itai Vardi covered this story for Desmogblog. Read it here: Massachusetts Lawmakers Step Up Pressure on Enbridge to Scrap Controversial Gas Compressor Station

Excerpt: “Lawmakers from Massachusetts urged Canadian energy-giant Enbridge on Wednesday to reconsider the siting of a compressor station in a densely populated area outside of Boston. In a letter to the company’s president and CEO Al Monaco, United States Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, together with Senator Ed Markey and Representative Stephen Lynch, asked Enbridge to find an alternative to locating the compressor station in Weymouth.

Compressor stations, which propel natural gas through pipelines, emit a variety of pollutants and are usually built in rural areas.

Citing data on statistically high levels of cancers, pediatric asthma, and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in the area near the proposed station, the lawmakers requested that Enbridge not move forward with the project.

“Given the broad opposition to building the compressor station at the proposed location, we strongly urge you to heed the concerns of these state and local officials and experts, and immediately seek an alternative for this project that does not involve siting a compressor station in the middle of a community that rejects it as unnecessary and dangerous,” they wrote.

Reached for comment, Michael Barnes, an Enbridge spokesperson, said the company will not be providing comment on the matter.” (Itai Vardi, 2019)