Action Item: Submit a Comment to TRC

TRC, Enbridge’s consultant, is accepting public comments on their draft RAM (Release Abatement Measure) Plan, which has to do with soil contamination at the proposed compressor station site. The comment period ends on November 6. Comments must relate to soil contamination and the cleanup of the soil. See below for details on how to submit + sample questions.

On October 10, TRC held a public meeting at Abigail Adams Middle School, to give a presentation on their plan and to listen to comments. WETC filmed the entire meeting (thank you, WETC!). You can watch it here.


We filed a PIP petition a few years ago with MassDEP to request clean-up of oil contamination at the site. The purpose of this meeting is to present TRC's Release Abatement Measure (RAM). MassDEP defines a RAM as "a voluntary remedial measure taken to totally clean up small problems, or reduce the magnitude of larger problems." TRC, as you may remember, Enbridge's consultant.

Draft RAM Plan:
The draft RAM Plan is available on MassDEP's website here. Or you can go here; (!/search/wastesite) and enter RTN # 4-0026230. Paper copies are available at the Tufts Public Library at Pratt (1400 Pleasant Street, East Weymouth, MA) and the Weymouth Board of Health (Town Hall, 75 Middle Street).

How to Submit Public Comments:

The comment period ends on November 6. All comments and questions must be submitted by email or by snail-mail to John Doherty at TRC. *Though we strongly recommend sending your comment by email and snail-mail.*


Snail-Mail: James Doherty, PE, LSP

650 Suffolk Street, Suite 200

Wannalancit Mills

Lowell, MA 01854

Please contact with any questions.

Sample Questions

We have a sample list of questions that you are welcome to us. The RAM Plan is very long (1,000+) pages and quite technical, so we don’t expect everyone to sift through it.

Sample Questions are here available here.