Action Item: CALL MAPC -- 617.933.0750

ACTION ITEM: CALL MAPC AT 617.933.0750 and send an email to

Tell MAPC to cut their ties with Enbridge and to quit playing with the health of the Fore River community!

Although we are glad that MAPC has spoken out against the compressor station proposal in general, we are very concerned about their lack of transparency throughout the HIA process. As revealed in an article in Desmogblog, MAPC worked directly with Enbridge and accepted documents from them that were produced by Enbridge's own consultants. The source of this document was not made clear in the HIA report. This is very concerning.

The HIA is flawed for many reasons, one of those reasons being that only one season of air quality testing was completed. Documents obtained by Desmog indicate that MassDEP signed a contract with a lab in February 2018, which suggests that MassDEP may have had an opportunity to do testing in the winter. We'd like to know why winter air quality testing did not happen and why Enbridge was given so much power throughout this process.

Please call and email MAPC today. We cannot allow MAPC, Enbridge, DEP, or DPH to play with our health like it's a game.

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