Comment on Gov. Baker's Climate Hypocrisy!

Comment on Baker’s hypocrisy! He is urging action on climate change while also supporting the expansion of fracked gas (‘natural’ gas) infrastructure. Give him a call — 617-725-4005. We can’t let him off the hook!

Gov. Baker testified before Congress to urge them to take action on climate change. We find it somewhat hypocritical that he can make the trip to D.C. to make these comments but at the same time, supports the expansion of fossil fuels in his own state. He knows that fossil fuels cause climate change, right? We agree that more action needs to be taken on the federal level but that must include a transition to renewable energy. We cannot afford to build new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Excerpt from MassLive - Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker urges Congress to address climate change:

“Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker testified about climate change before a congressional committee in Washington on Wednesday, calling on Congress to create federal emissions targets, fund research on climate change and consider climate change resilience in federal infrastructure funding.

In response to a question about whether policymakers can do anything about climate change, Baker compared climate change to acid rain and the ozone layer, other environmental challenges that public policies have been able to address.

“The bigger issue here is are you willing to head in that direction, be practical, chase cost-effective opportunities and recognize there are ways to get from here to there,” Baker said." (MassLive)