Community members visit the State House, DEP, and DPH

Mothers out Front organized an event on Thursday to ask Gov. Baker to cut his ties from fossil fuels. The event was organized in support of FRRACS and in response to the faulty HIA report. Hundreds gathered in Nurses Hall at the State House, holding paper scissors while chanting: “Gov. Baker, cut your ties from fossil fuels!” Their voices echoed throughout the chamber. They moved upstairs and lined the hallway above Nurses Hall. Members of the community, including Alice (FRRACS), Andrea (#sitwithandrea), and doctors from GBPSR, spoke about the compressor station issue. After they spoke, community members split into groups and made their way to the Governor’s office, DEP, and DPH.

While the FRRACS Team and our amazing lawyer(s) the Haydens and associate Ethan were in the second half of the Waterways hearing, a group of folks were down the hall giving out 90+ letters from municipal boards of health from across the state, recognizing the health dangers of living near natural gas infrastructure.

Thanks to all who participated in the action outside of Governor Baker's office and in the actions at the DEP and DPH. We are all in this together!

Pictures and videos are available below: