Texas tells residents not to worry about chemical tank pollution

Nothing to see here. Move along.

This is the state of Texas' answer to the pollution caused by industry, but never paid for by industry. The neighboring residents will be paying for this with their lives.

And that, dear Campers, is what Gov. Baker and his DEP are saying to the residents of the Basin when it comes to the pollution that will be released by this proposed compressor. Not one concern for our health. Not one concern for our safety. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Please keep our brothers and sisters in Texas in your hearts.

Daily Kos - Texas tells people not to worry about vomiting, shortness of breath following massive chemical fire

Excerpt: “A fire at a petrochemical storage facility sent noxious clouds over two Texas cities, but state authorities are telling residents not to worry. Some residents, told to shelter in place as the fire burned last week and now experiencing symptoms including vomiting, burning eyes, and shortness of breath, aren’t so sure.

In addition to the fire that burned for four days, a containment wall broke Friday, letting chemical waste into waterways and causing another fire. Tests by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality found nine different chemicals in the water that “exceed their health-protective concentration level,” but insisted there’s no threat to drinking water. The TCEQ also found benzene in the air, but said it wasn’t at dangerous levels.”