Health impacts motivate Councilor Haugh to run in the Boston Marathon

Our amazing District One councilor has not only been fighting the fight alongside of FRRACS-- and leading in so many ways-- she's been training for the Boston Marathon in her spare time!

Her efforts to fight cancer-- so familiar in our Basin-- mean more to us than she can know.

Thank you, Councilor Haugh. 

You can read more about this story here: The Weymouth News - Cancer statistics motivate Weymouth councilor to run Boston Marathon

Excerpt: “Weymouth District 1 Councilor Rebecca Haugh said a recent state Health Impact Assessment of the Fore River basin that provided numerous statistics about cancer in the area ignited her interest to run in the upcoming Boston Marathon with Team South Shore Hospital.

“One of my concerns as a Weymouth town councilor is trying to figure out why some people get certain illnesses from environmental issues,” she said in a written statement. “We’ve been studying the Fore River and why a lot of people living near that area have developed certain cancers.”

Haugh said she served on a Health Impact Assessment Advisory Committee which researched potential health risks from a proposed compressor station in the Fore River basin.

“This research has sparked my passion to help those fighting the disease,” she said.” (The Weymouth News)