More sampling ordered for contamination at proposed compressor site

Some good news for a change, Fore River Campers! Mass DEP has decided to use their own regulations. Coal ash is not, nor has EVER been, historic fill. Funny how a Licensed Site Professional who is taking money from Enbridge to forward the compressor AND taking money from Enbridge to claim there is no problem with the contamination at the site would come up with an Access and Use Limitation report that would ignore the coal ash. Are you laughing yet?

We know that site is highly contaminated. We know that any digging will put the arsenic in the soil airborne for all of us to breathe. The Department of Public Health FAILED, epically, to note this contamination as part of the Health Impact Assessment.

Let's hope this is a nail in the coffin.

You can read more about this update via The Patriot Ledger - State orders more sampling at proposed compressor site

Many, many thanks to FRRACS member, Margaret, for leading the effort to petition the DEP to take action on this important issue.