Boston Globe Earth Day Letters

The Boston Globe asked readers to submit letters to the editor in advance of Earth Day, detailing what has inspired to take action on environmental issues. A local resident’s letter about the compressor station was featured in the post. Many thanks to Valerie!

Letter from The Boston Globe:

“A unique lens on our surroundings

As a volunteer, I have photographed 100 different sites — beaches, rocky coasts, shore-side parks, public boat ramps, harbor walks, coves, marshes, creeks, scenic overlooks, and harbor islands — for the Massachusetts Coast Guide Online, an online map developed by the state Office of Coastal Zone Management. I have done this for two reasons: The public needs to be aware of these coastal treasures in order to advocate for their preservation and protection, and I enjoy taking photos of beautiful places. One of these coastal sites is Kings Cove Park, on the Weymouth side of the Fore River Bridge, right next to the site of a proposed natural gas compressor station. If built, this compressor station would be a serious health hazard to park-goers and residents in a densely populated area of the South Shore.

Valerie A. Russo,