MAPC speaks out about new AQ data

MAPC (Metropolitan Area Planning Council), the agency that conducted the Health Impact Assessment, released a statement today in response to the new air quality data that DEP released.

On Twitter they stated, “MAPC has been actively following the current appeal process for the air quality permit for the proposed natural gas compressor station in Weymouth. Read our statement below and at". You can read their full statement here.

According to MAPC, they learned about the new data through social media, not from DEP. If the new data show levels of toxins above protective health thresholds, they believe that the AQ permit should be reconsidered. We thank MAPC for making this statement and for pushing back against the narrative coming from the state.

The Patriot Ledger covered this story, too. You can read it here: Agency backpedals on compressor station study findings