Rep. Meschino files bill aiming at zero emissions by 2050

Representative Meschino filed a bill in January that would reset state emissions to zero by 2050. We’re grateful for Rep. Meschino’s leadership on this effort. You can read more about the proposed bill here: Conservation Law Foundation - New Law Would Create Roadmap to Reach Net Zero Emissions by 2050

Excerpt from CLF:

“Last October, climate scientists around the world sounded the alarm as they never have before: To avoid the devastation of irreversible climate change, we must cut our carbon pollution to zero by 2050.

The same science also tells us there is no time to wait. We must begin a radical and thorough transformation of our energy system starting now to ensure that by 2030 – just over 10 years from now – we have made substantial and permanent progress towards this 2050 deadline.

That’s why CLF has joined with Massachusetts State Representative Joan Meschino and 57 other legislators on both sides of the aisle. Together, we’re calling for the immediate passage of the single most important piece of climate legislation pending in the Commonwealth: The 2050 Roadmap Act (H.832).

This bill is a critical update to the state’s landmark Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA). It will ensure Massachusetts’s nation-leading climate efforts remain tied to science while establishing a new framework for fairly and efficiently achieving our climate goals by 2050. It will also work to ensure we meet those goals while advancing a thriving economy for all.” (Conservation Law Foundation)