More evidence on DEP's omission of air quality results

Itai Vardi reports on more evidence of undisclosed carcinogens measured by DEP:

“Newly uncovered air quality samplings by the State of Massachusetts showed elevated levels of carcinogens and other pollutants at Enbridge’s proposed natural gas compressor station in a densely populated site near Boston.

The data, revealed in written testimony this week by a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) official responding to an appeal over the Weymouth station’s air permit, joins other samplings showing toxics in the area, which DeSmog exclusively reported last month.

The samples were not disclosed in the project’s health impacts assessment (HIA), which Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker ordered following a public outcry over the risks posed by the facility that will keep gas pumping through pipelines and is situated near residential streets and environmental justice communities.” (Desmog - More Evidence of Undisclosed Carcinogens at Site of Enbridge’s Proposed Greater Boston Gas Project)

Funny thing--when FRRACS sent out our canisters to EPA approved labs, the results of the testing were sent to us within two weeks. As Itai reports, the DEP had the results of their testing available to them within two weeks at the Rhode Island State labs had they only picked up the phone in August. They clearly did not want to know what they were going to find out about our air quality. They clearly do not care about our health.

We will have an action item for you soon, Campers! Time to ask the Inspector General to investigate the DEP for fraud. They spent taxpayer funds and withheld evidence from us. Not cool. Stay tuned for complete instructions on filing a complaint.