Action Item: Call Governor Baker



As you may know, Commissioner Martin Suuberg of the Department of Enabling Polluters upheld Presiding Officer Rothchild's faulty decision and issued the Air Quality permit just this past Friday. FRRACS and the rest of the petitioners have seven days to ask for a reconsideration and then it's off to Federal Court.

But, the Wetlands and Waterways decisions have not been given yet. Without those decisions and without the Commissioner's signature on those permits, Coastal Zone Management cannot proceed with the determination of consistency. So, we still have time to ask the Governor to do the right thing.

Can you call the Governor today and ask him to stop any further permitting of the Weymouth compressor station? His number is 617-725-4005.

Some fun facts to share with the Governor:

  • We already have higher rates of lung and bronchus disease (including lung cancer), heart disease, and diabetes here in the Basin. All of these are connected to air pollution. Does the Governor not care about our health or the health of our children?

  • Enbridge cannot agree to the twice per year blow downs. This is operationally impossible and, therefore, ridiculous of Suuberg and Rothchild to set out as a "recommendation." Why are they lying to us?

  • Enbridge cannot insure the compressor station. They will be self insured because they cannot meet the insurance industry requirements for the building setbacks--the site is simply too small. Therefore, when an accident happens, the State will be on the hook for damage to the bridge, the MWRA pumping station, and more. The State is already on the hook for the Lawrence explosions to the tune of $1 billion. Is the Governor doing a budget set-aside to pay for the inevitable accident?

  • Governor Baker is personally invested in a Fidelity fund that is strictly gas and oil related. The fund is heavily invested in fracking--the same fracking that will bring gas to the compressor station. (For more information, go here.) Is the Governor's personal financial gain more important than our lives? Does he feel that this is ethical behaviour?

Let's remind the Governor that he wants to be a "climate champion." He will only gain this status by upholding renewable energy, ending the use of fossil fuels, and committing to a clean and healthy environment for all of us.

Thank you for all that you do!

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