GBPSR Report: Weymouth Project is Dangerous to Human Health

Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility (GBPSR) have been very outspoken on the public health dangers of the proposed compressor station. Today they released their third report on the issue. You can access it here. We are grateful for their advocacy and leadership on this issue.

Full Press Release from GBPSR:

Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility has released its third comprehensive report regarding a 7,700-horsepower natural gas compressor station that Spectra Energy plans to build in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

The report—a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the human health impacts of soil, groundwater, air and noise pollution that will result from the compressor station—concludes that the project is dangerous to human healthand that no regulatory framework can make this facility safe for the surrounding community or for residents of the Commonwealth.

The report specifically addresses:

  • Health risks related to existing soil and groundwater contamination at the proposed site;

  • Health risks of cumulative exposure to air toxics associated with the proposed compressor station;

  • Noise pollution generated by the proposed compressor station.

Greater Boston PSR calls on Governor Baker, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to halt the construction of the compressor station in Weymouth.